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Welcome to Classic Tours and Travels, where we offer exceptional Hajj packages 2024. We understand the importance of this spiritual journey and aim to provide an luxuries experience for our esteemed travelers. As a leading provider of Hajj packages from Mumbai, we provide the convenience, comfort and spiritual fulfillment of our clients.

Every Muslim on this earth wants to have that exclusive privilege of being the guest of the Almighty Allah. Hajj is the only way that a Muslim can find such an elusive opportunity. Moreover, Hajj is a holy journey which ensures that the person finds peace and prosperity in his life.

However, going on the Hajj journey is very challenging. Allah puts you under multiple tests to judge your will power and when you succeed, the Almighty welcomes you with open arms in His Home. So, performing Hajj is important and challenging.

But, to overcome that challenge, you can come to us at Classic Tours. We can provide you with the best Hajj tour packages which will ensure that you perform your pilgrimage in the best possible way. Our comprehensive Hajj 2024 Packages from mumbai are exactly what you require to make your Hajj journey unforgettable.

Why Going on the Hajj is Important?

Guest of Allah

When you go perform Hajj, which is a holy act, you get the elusive opportunity of being the guest of Allah. You can get mesmerised by grace of Allah and get His blessing. He will give you peace and prosperity to live your life in a fulfilling way. By the grace of Allah, after Hajj, your life will never be the same again.

Expiate Sins

A human being commits many sins throughout the entire life knowingly or unknowingly. When you go to Mecca and perform Hajj, Allah will forgive all your sins and welcome you to be his guest in His House. After getting forgiveness from Allah for all your sins, you will be able to live your life in a much more happy way and fulfilling way.

No More Financial Burden

This is something that most of the Hajj pilgrims experience when they return back to their normal life after performing Hajj. Pilgrims leave all their belongings and come to find the blessing of Allah and the Almighty blesses them by freeing the pilgrims from all their financial problems. So, once you get a Hajj travel package and perform Hajj, you will be able to gain that experience as well.

Why Choose Classic Tours for Booking Hajj Packages 2024?

Service of the Highest-Quality

Classic Tours is a renowned place for providing Hajj packages from India which are of the highest quality (Which includes Fight Tickects, Best Hotels, Visa, Travel Allowance). Those pilgrims who have gone for Hajj with us are quite pleased with our service. They also recommend us to other pilgrims. Hence, when you go to the hajj 2024 packages mumbai with us, you can also expect the same from us as well.

Highly Affordable Hajj 2024 Packages Prices

The Hajj cost can be very expensive. One has to spend a huge amount of money to complete the pilgrimage. However, that can become tough for some people. But, going on the journey of holy Hajj is a very important part for every Muslim.At Classic Tours, we understand how you feel about going to the Hajj and performing the rites which every Muslim has to perform at least once in their lifetime. That is why we keep our hajj 2024 packages from india prices very low and affordable for most Muslims without compromising on the quality. Therefore, Classic Tours becomes the obvious choice.

Reliable and Trustworthy Travel Agents

When you are going on a journey like the Hajj, the role of the travel agents becomes very important. You would want to be with reliable and trustworthy travel agents who can help you in the best way to complete your pilgrimage. You can avoid the difficulties of the journey to the Hajj with the help of reliable travel agents. At Classic Tours, we provide you with the best travel agents who have multiple years of experience in working in the tours and travels industry. They also have the experience of taking pilgrims to the Hajj journey. When you avail our Hajj packages from Mumbai 2024, you will get the assistance from such reliable travel agents.

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Therefore, are you looking to perform the holy act of Hajj? Then you can surely contact Classic Tours. We are helping pilgrims on their hajj package 2024 from mumbai in a comprehensive way. If you are one the pilgrims who seek to embark on a journey to get the blessings from Allah then Classic Tours can surely help you out.

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HAJJ 2024 SHIFTING PACKAGES Muallim Inside Mina


Group Details

It all began when the organizer performed his first Hajj in 1990 and suffered lot of hardships during his journey, yet served co-hajis honorarily. The hardship faced by organizer compelled him to establish professional tours. Keeping in view the usual hardship during the journey

With over so many successful Umrah & Hajj Tours, we have built strong relaonships with reputable industry vendors & suppliers which enable us to offer superior product & services at reasonable prices

Our team of expert & experienced professionals in India and Saudi Arabia are commied towards ensuring that every aspect of this holy pilgrimage is executed smoothly, and the pilgrim is in a relaxed state of mind during the sacred journey

Our team focus on comfort of pilgrims by giving the best of excellent services to all the pilgrims. We are recognized by the Govt. of India and the Government of Saudi Arabia for our commitment of delivering an exceponal experience to all pilgrims performing Hajj or Umrah with us.

With an experience of more than 28 years in the Travel & Tourism Industry, we connue to offer various products to suit all budgets without compromising with quality of service.

It has always been our pleasure to add a new dimension in creang an authenc, quality experience that will be long remembered and cherished.

Giving you a glimpse of the comfort and luxury while travelling with us would include your stay in Mina with Split Air condioners in every tent, irrespecve of the package chosen by you.

All our tents are near Jamraat and to make you transportaon even more comfortable and easy we have VIP Luxury busses that accommodate 50 pilgrims (all sing).

In Arafat, we have Air Condioned European Tents that are plush and spacious, with designated bathrooms in VIP tents. Every package consists of European tents made of PVC making your stay hassle - free and relaxing.

Addional Info:

  • We accommodate all the males and females in our group separately in Mina & Arfaat. Unless it is one family or group of relaves that occupies the whole tent in Mina as per there convenience & request.
  • Each Tent consists of 4 Quarters, each quarter can accommodate maximum of 18-20 pax, to obtain equal division of tents between the number of male and females pilgrims we have to somemes adjust the size of tents accordingly to accommodate them.