Laws of Umrah

  • Indian Passport with Minimum 6 month validity.
  • 1 photograph size 6 cm by 4 cm - SCAN COPY.
  • As per the notice of the Royal Consulate General Of Saudi Arabia, Mumbai the procedure duration of endorsement of Umrah visa will take 2-3 working days.

Umrah New Policy Update

  • To every who is associated with umrah business or who is Concerned about umrah industry update
  • First of all, it’s great and amazing news for those who have Done umrah earlier as they don’t have to pay SAR 2000 which was Being charged as repeater visa fees so that the crowd will be happy like never before.
  • Now as per new umrah laws the umrah fee charged from Ministry of Saudi Arabia is 1050 SAR which is equivalent to 22,000/- INR
  • For more detailed information call us at +919920974825 Or email us at UMRAHMOFA@GMAIL.COM

Terms and Conditions

  • Single Gent must be above 40 years of age.
  • Below 40 years males and females should be accompanied by Mehram and family relationship must be proved on the passports or either by any original document for example Nikahnama, Additional passport etc...
  • Male Child below 17 years should be accompanied with a Male Mehram and Child above 17 years should be accompanied by Female Mehram.
  • Ladies cannot travel Alone without a Mehram.

For Indians holding Foreign Passports

Any person who is Indian by Origin but is holding a Foreign Passport must provide is OCI (Overseas citizenship of India) or PIO (Person of Indian Origin Card) card to get his visa stamped from INDIA.

Umrah Visa Services at Go Classic Tour

Are you looking to go to Mecca to perform Umrah? At Classic Tours and Travels, we have got you covered in a holistic way. We understand the needs of the pilgrims when they travel abroad to perform Umrah which is a sacred and holy pilgrimage.

We will ensure that you get to perform Umrah in a comfortable way with our umrah visa services. We know that you will be a bit tense to go outside of the country and perform Umrah. We will take care of all your worries and make your Umrah pilgrimage as memorable as possible. Umrah Visa without any package is available on Goclassic Tours.

Moreover, you will be looking to spend your time close to the Home of Allah in a way that all your worries do not fill your mind. We understand the needs of the pilgrims and make our Umrah packages to fulfill the needs of the pilgrims.

Now, when you have decided to perform Umrah by visiting Mecca, the first thing you need to have is the Visa for visiting Saudi Arabia. You can get an Umrah visa Cost online in India with our help. Classic Tours and Travels help you to get your Visa for Saudi Arabia easily. Here is why you should take our help.

Support with Visa Umrah Application

Classic Tours and Travels can help you with Visa application. When you apply for an Umrah visa online, we have professionals who are ready to help you out. There are so many rules and regulations that you have to follow while applying for the Visa for your visit to perform Umrah.

Also, with the new umrah visa rules 2022, the process has become a bit more intricate than ever. In this case, you will have to be very careful while applying for the Visa as even a small mistake could lead to the rejection of your Visa application.

Our professionals will help you with the umrah e visa application in a comprehensive way. When you apply for the Visa with the help of our professionals, the chances of rejection will become significantly low because our professionals are well-aware of the rules and regulations.

Help from Experienced Professionals to Apply for Umrah Visa

When you are applying for the visa umrah, you need support from the experienced professionals who are well-aware of the umrah visa new rules 2022. Otherwise, you will find it hard to get your Visa approved for your Umrah pilgrimage.

With Classic Tours and Travels, you will get assistance from some of the most experienced professionals who have years of experience with Visa application and related works. Moreover, our professionals have comprehensive knowledge about new umrah rules.

Therefore, when you come to us for your Umrah Visa, you will find the best people who can help you to get your Umrah Visa approved in no time. They will also guide you properly on the umrah rules 2022 to get your Visa approved.

Affordable Charges

You will be thinking that taking our help will increase your Umrah visa cost significantly. But the reality is, Classic Tours and Travels does not charge extravagantly for the services we provide. Our primary aim is to get your Visa approved by helping you with your Visa application.

Our umrah visa fees 2022 are very much affordable for you. We ensure that a pilgrim is able to get the Visa and go to Mecca to perform Umrah. That is why we keep our umrah visa charges very much low and affordable for all the pilgrims of various economic backgrounds.

Moreover, we will also inform you about the new umrah visa fees from India 2022. Because of this, you will not be paying any extra charges while applying for the Umrah Visa. Therefore, you should shun off all your worries about the charges and come to Classic Tours and Travels for sublime help.

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Are you looking for comprehensive help with your Umrah visa 2022 application? At Classic Tours and Travels, we have got you covered in the best possible way. With our Visa services and with the help of our professionals, you will get your Umrah Visa approved quite easily.

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