Umrah Guide

Umrah Guide: Step-by-Step Procedure in Detail

Umrah Guide: Umrah is one of the most blissful experiences that you must take once in a lifetime. It is a spiritual moment for which you must thank God. If you have already decided to visit Umrah this year, make a good plan to enjoy a safe and pleasant trip.

This blog lists the step-by-step method of performing Umrah. It will also share certain things that you must follow while performing Umrah.

Here is the Umrah Guide and Steps to perform:

Performing Umrah involves 5 steps namely Ihram, Tawaf, Sa’ee, and Halq. Let us discuss every step in detail to understand Umrah:

1. Ihram

Ihram is a state of purity that pilgrims enter during Umrah. It is a state in which one must cleanse its body and wear proper clothes. Men will wear 2 pieces of white cloth. Women have no particular dress code but must wear clothes permitted as per the religion with heads covered.

Ihram should be done by crossing one of the Meeqats. Niyyah is an intention to perform the act of worship followed by Talbiyah. It is a kind of prayer that pilgrims should recite until they reach the Masjid.

2. Tawaf Al-Umrah

The next stage is Tawaf which means to encircle something. Tawaf is a stage to perform 7 anti-clockwise circuits of Kaa’abah. Tawaf is of 5 different types. For performing Tawaf, you must purify your mind and body and enter the state of wudhu. If wudhu ends suddenly during the stage of Tawaf, you can do it again from where you left.

During Tawaf, the men must cover their bodies between the knees and navel. Women must cover their full bodies except for their faces and hands. You can recite any duas and supplications that you remember during Tawaf. You can also recite any Arabic duas or supplications in your own language.

3. Sa’ee

Sa’ee is an important step in Umrah. It is an act of walking between the hills of Marwah and Safa 7 times. After completing Tawaf and Salah Al-Tawaf, you must come back to Hajr Al-AZswad to perform Istilam before going to Safa Hill to start the Sa’ee step.

Suring Sa’ee step, you can recite any supplications of Sunnah or make your own duas in your own language. When you reach Marwah, recite the same supplications that you recited while reaching Safa. The 7th lap will be completed at Marwah Hill.

4. Halq

The fourth stage is Halq. It is the stage in which you have to exit Ihram state. In Halq, the men have to shave their heads. Women are forbidden to do Halq and trim the length of a fingertip.

5. End of Ihram

After completing Halq, you will exit from Ihram state. As Ihram ends, you are free of various restrictions like the use of perfumes and cutting nails.

Final words

Umrah includes 5 steps that you must follow correctly to get the best Umrah experience. This blog will make it clear how to perform Umrah by wearing the right clothes and following some other tips.